Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coffee table/Ottoman Extreme Makeover

Hi there!

As part of transforming our living room to become like this. I gave our dark ottoman/coffee table a makeover. This was by far one of my favorite projects and I'm in love with the end result.

Let's get started. This is what I was working with ... Not so nice!

I had leftover eyelet curtains from our previous home that I can't use in our new home. So what do you use old curtains for? You upholster coffee tables, of course!

This is what I was going for...

I draped the curtain over the ottoman to cut of the ends I'll won't need. I didn't even bother to cut straight as nobody will ever see my laziness :-) . When I had the right size going I grabbed my stapler gun (yup this is ALL equipment you need for this project!!).

I started by attaching the one side of the curtain very tightly to the base of the ottoman. Again not my neatest job!!

The only slightly tricky part was to fold in the corners, in the end I did it just as you would wrap a present. Like this...

And that is all! It was one of the fastest projects with the most extreme difference.

Just one more look... Oh I love this now!

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