Monday, July 8, 2013

New beginnings

Welcome to my first blog post!! I'm so excited to share my journey with you.

We recently moved into our very first home, what an exciting time it has been (excuse photos of unpacked boxes....)! It's small, BUT it's OURS and we LOVE it!

Our kitchen is rather smallish and I'm used to a bit more space, so I got the husband to get some quotes for build-in cupboards around our refrigerator - guy quoted us R 15 000!!! Whaaat? (That's like $1500) for one narrow cupboard...! So as we unpacked our furniture (it was in storage for more than 6 months) we rediscovered (how can one forget ones own possessions?!) a cupboard we bought for R300 (roughly $30). It's sturdy, but so not pretty.

I was desperately waiting for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ to arrive in South Africa and it would have been PERFECT on this cupboard, but it would only arrive the next week and I could not wait (read: too lazy to sand and prime)... Sooo, I DIY'ed it. Recipes for DIY chalk paint are all over the place, but here's what I used...

I dissolved the Plaster of Paris in a few tablespoons of water and just give it a good stir and your'e good to go. I know a few other recipes uses Latex paint, well I used Acrylic and as I really had nothing to compare it with, I thought it worked just fine...

I painted four coats (the grain was quite prominent) and it looked fabulous!!! I bought some new hardware and I'm totally in love with my new 'pantry'.

To end things off today, here is a photo of our unfinished kitchen with my 'new' cupboard.

Please comment if you have tips/ideas for DIY chalk paint.

Hope I'll see you soon!



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